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How to Get Off-brand Yeezy foam runners?

We all know that after Walmart was sued by Kanye West for selling $25 replicas of Yeezy Foam Runners, we can hardly find Walmart fake yeezys. In fact, except that you can’t find cheap fake yeezys on Walmart, similar third-party e-commerce platforms can’t sell knockoff yeezys, such as: Amazon, ebay, esty… So, what off-brand Yeezy Foam Runners can you buy besides Walmart?

walmart yeezy foam runners

It’s not hard to find off-brand 1:1 replicas of Yeezy foam runners. It’s just that you don’t expect to be able to buy it on the platform, it’s almost impossible. All platforms prohibit the sale of fakes, without exception. So, you can hardly find yeezy foam runner for walmart version now.

Maybe you have heard some rumors about fake shoes, it is said that there are places where you can buy fakes that are exactly the same as the real ones. such as China.

In China, many factories produce off-brand yeezy foam runners. Counterfeit Yeezy shoes are rampant here due to the Chinese government’s inaction against fakes. But oddly, people don’t seem to hate it, but rather love theese Yeezy imitations. There are also merchants who secretly sell shoes to other countries in the world, such as the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany. ..

you might ask? Do I have to go to China to buy a pair of shoes? You don’t have to.

When you open your browser and search for some keywords, such as: knockoff yeezy foam runner or fake yeezy foam runners, cheap yeezy foam runners, replica yeezy foam runners… you will find some small websites that sell these yeezy foam runner reps shoes, and some of them are free freight.

These off-brand yeezy foam runner replicas not only look the same as the original, but are also very cheap. If you like it, you can leave me a message.

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