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Are Yeezy Slides Made in India Fake?

Before discussing the question “are yeezy slides made in india fake?”, first you should understand where the rea Yeezy slides are made. Genuine Yeezy slides with 3 logos engraved on the inner strap – “YEEZY”, “MADE IN CHINA” and number size engraving.

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Adidas Yeezy slides are a type of open-toed footweara. Their simple design makes them extra comfortable than Yeezy 350 v2. They are very easy-to-wear for us. Not only can they be worn at home, but you can check out the new designs that will ensure you walk around in style. These slides are available in US sizes between 5 to 14. Wear these trendy pieces with jeans or shorts as alternatives to closed sports shoes and feel comfortable throughout the day.So people love Yeezy slippers. But authentic products are often hard to find. Many people buy fake Yeezy slides as a substitute. So where do these fake Yeezy slides come from? First of all, definitely not India.

Almost all of these fake Yeezys, which look almost identical to the real ones, come from Putian, Fujian Province, China. Regarding Putian City, there is such a rumor that 80% of Putian’s GDP is driven by the production and sale of fake shoes. The city is full of large and small shoe factories. The shoes they produce include not only Adidas Yeezy, but also shoes from the NIKE series, New Balance, and Balenciaga. ..

Yeezy slides made in China are the best quality among all fake Yeezy slides. If you try to buy a pair of 1:1 Yeezy slide from India or Korea, most of them are also shipped from China.

So are Yeezy slides made in India fake?

 Yes, Indian Yeezy slides are fake.Because there are no officially authorized suppliers of Yeezy in India. So how can your Yeezy slippers produced in India be authentic? That’s impossible.

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However, no matter where your Yeezy slides are produced, the most important thing is the comfort and restoration of the shoes themselves. Copying a pair of slides that look like the real Yeezy slides is not as easy as you might think. Followed by the selection of raw materials and labor costs. Excellent Yeezy slides replicas are impossible to tell the authenticity from the fake. But these top Yeezy slides fakes usually don’t come cheap. So, you get what you pay for. Buyers are never as smart as sellers.

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