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Why I Can’t Find Cheap Yeezy Foam Runners on Amazon?

I saw such a post on reddit about the $20 Amazon Yeezy foam runner, it looks so good and very cheap, I’m hooked, so I also want to buy a pair of cheap yeezy foam runner on amazon.

a post on reddit about the $20 Amazon Yeezy foam runner

But when I searched the keyword “yeezy foam runner cheap” on Amazon, I couldn’t find anything related to yeezy foam runner, let alone cheap yeezy foam runner.

yeezy foam runner cheap amazon

I’m confused, why can’t I find a cheap YEEZY foam runner on Amazon? So I changed the keyword, I removed cheap and search directly to yeezy foam runner on Amazon:

yeezy foam runner amazon

But still can’t find Yeezy Foam Runner slippers. Why?

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