What is the Effect of Cheap YEEZY Foam Runner On Feet?

After wearing these cheap Yeezy Foam Runner shoes, they are still very big, and wearing them at night has a high rate of turning heads. It is very easy to walk with it. Compared with the Yeezy Slide slippers, it feels easier to press the road with it. Even running with it may be no problem. In addition, the body of the shoe is relatively tight, so wearing it with bare feet may cause the feet to grind.

Must see before buying! Pros and cons of cheap Yeezy foam runners!


  1. very cheap. Price will always be the key factor influencing people to buy or not to buy. Terrible hype doubles the value of the authentic Yeezy Foam Runner. So many people had to buy cheap 1:1 replica Yeezy Foam Runner.
  2. Easy to buy. Sometimes you don’t have the money to buy anything. Yeezy’s limited release has caused a lot of headaches for rich friends because they can’t get it.


  1. Uncomfortable. It can’t be made with too high production costs due to the low price. Fake shoe makers often use inferior raw materials. This determines that a pair of Yeezy Foam Runners priced at $30 will not be of good quality. Maybe on the outside they look indistinguishable from the real Yeezy Foam Runner, but when you wear these two shoes at the same time, the feeling is completely different.
  2. May injure your foot. Unreasonable size and uncomfortable foot feel, may cause trouble to your feet if you wear it for too long.
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