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Should I Be Ashamed of Buying a Cheap Fake Yeezy?

When I wear $100 cheap fake Yeezy 350 v2 cream white, I’m very satisfied because they look just like the real Yeezy 350 v2 cream white. But my friend said I should be ashamed of buying cheap fake Yeezys. Should I be ashamed of buying cheap fake Yeezy shoes?

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I don’t buy this cheap fake YEEZY shoes for vanity, I just think Yeezy shoes look good, especially the YEEZY 350 v2 series. But seeing the price of thousands of dollars, I feel that it is not worth it (and I can’t afford it) and I don’t want to give money to capitalists for free. So I bought a pair of white Yeezy 350 v2 on a small website. Yes, the creamy white pair. I have no feeling for sneaker culture, and I am not a fan of KANYE WEST, but it seems that this culture cannot be avoided when buying shoes. I wonder if I am wrong?

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But in fact, buying cheap fake YEEZY shoes is not ashamed, but spending a lot of money to buy genuine YEEZY shoes is really shameful! Shoes are just shoes, no matter what. Even Chanel shoes, their main function is to make our feet feel comfortable while walking. And not for illusory vanity. When you are a student with no income, don’t you deserve to wear YEEZY shoes? Are Yeezy shoes only available to wealthy families? no. We do not accept such ridiculous views.

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The current era of consumption is not like the consumption advocated in the past. Now the trend is changing rapidly. What you see today may be gone tomorrow. Therefore, the same is true for sneakers. Buying sneakers has become a very common and commonplace thing. Watching them on the street It is normal to find a pair of real adidas YEEZY 350 V2. Everyone’s material consumption and spiritual consumption are constantly improving. This shows that the US economy is developing rapidly and the consumption level of residents is significantly improving. From the day the shoes are released to the end when consumers get their hands, there may be countless circulations in between, and the funds are constantly circulating. This is why the sneaker market is so hot. The price will not be so ridiculous! So, to sum up, if you want to wear real YEEZY shoes, you need to constantly improve your ability and level, and you will have the ability to buy the YEEZY you want to wear; if you don’t have that level of consumption, you can buy what you can consume The fake YEEZY. This is the freedom of each of us.

Shame on what? Earn money and spend it yourself? How shameful? A dozen people came out to play during the Chinese New Year, and I knew most of them were fake without looking at them, because I arranged their shoes, but who would know if yours were real or fake when you went out? Who dares to say that yours is fake? Is my NIKE AIR JORDAN key chain not attractive enough? You have to pay attention to what I wear. And I don’t go out and tell anyone that my clothes are real. If people ask me, it’s fake. Even if I wear real clothes myself, I will still say fake.

Most of the trendy shoe audience are young people, most of whom are college students. Friends who are studying are really willing to spend all the money they earn from their work-study programs to buy such expensive authentic YEEZYs. No one’s money comes from the wind. Yes, every penny is hard-earned. Even if you are willing, you have to think about it. If you save this money, will your life be better, and will your parents be more relaxed and worry-free. Let’s talk about whether others look down on you. Why do you buy shoes? You only buy them when they look good. It’s my business whether you wear them or not. Why do you judge? Besides, the quality of fake YEEZY shoes is not bad, so just buy a good one. Most people can’t understand it, unless they lie on your feet and use a microscope to look at it. At this time, you can give this kind of idiot who is looking for trouble a kick.

So should i be ashamed of buying a cheap fake yeezy?

Of course not.

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