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2022 New Sneaker “Yeezy Balenciaga Water Shoes” Recommended by Kanye West

As we all know, Yeezy and Balenciaga are two different brands, and their designers are always to launch unique products. In early May, a tiktok account released a video called yeezy balenciaga water shoes.

Let’s take a look at this Yeezy x balenciaga water shoes.

yeezy balenciaga water shoes

These Kanye West water shoes take the look of Balenciaga sock shoes, with clear plastic as the upper, water injection holes at the straps, and a barrier inside the shoes to keep your feet from getting long outside of the cold water. Time to soak in water. In the hot summer, if you want to wear sneakers and worry about your feet being hot, try these sneakers that can be filled with water. It looks very fried.

yeezy balenciaga water shoes

If you want a replica of the same yeezy balenciaga water shoes, please leave a message below, if you buy more than 10 pairs, I will contact the manufacturer to customize it for you.