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Why Are Yeezys So Cheap Now 2023?

With the release of the Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Dazzling Blue color scheme, the market price of Yeezy Boost shoes has also fallen further. At present, the resale price of this sneaker is generally below $400.

Are Yeezys Cheap Now 2023?

Because the Yeezy shoe size is too small, especially YEEZY 350 V2, basically the large size is more expensive than the small size. Women’s sizes are between $400~$600, while men’s sizes are between $500~$800. The reason for the overall price drop of Yeezy is not because the volume is too large, but is determined by the popularity of the color matching itself. And some classic color matching has been reissued many times, the overall volume is not small, and the difference between each model is not big, the degree of replacement is high, and the uniqueness is low.

Yeezy Mafia revealed the sales volume on the official website of adidas Europe. The first gray-orange color matching 1.4W pair, the 3 pairs on Black Friday totaling 1.8W pairs (each 6K pair), the black and white color matching 1.9W pairs, the black and red color matching just released 1W double.

As the headquarters of adidas in Europe, its data is very representative. It can be seen that although the black and white color scheme is extremely flattering, the volume is the largest! Almost twice as many as the new black and red colorway. The first gray-orange color scheme has a unique vision and sufficient personality, and the 1.4W pair is not large. The current market price should be the highest. The following white zebras and gray zebras are all styles with a small volume, and today a new color matching has been exposed, the item number is DA9572, which will be released in May and June. After a period of flattering black fashion, the Yeezy family is returning to earth tones.

Seeing this, we can actually draw a conclusion. Yes. Yeezy will be cheaper in the future.

“Eventually everyone who wants to buy Yeezys will get Yeezys,” West said in 2015. Kanye West wouldn’t hesitate to tell anyone that he’s one of the most influential recording artists of our time. Tribute to Kanye.

Back to this topic again: why are yeezys so cheap now?
You may have heard that adidas has terminated its cooperation with KANYE WEST. Because of KANYE WEST’s anti-semitic remarks, adidas finally had to give up its cooperation with him and stop producing YEEZY series products. After all, no one wants to be involved with a bad artist.

Obviously, this is the main reason why YEEZY is now cheap. No one wants to wear shoes designed by KANYE WEST, and no one wants to be criticized for a pair of shoes. What’s more, besides YEEZY, there are many sneaker brands to choose from, such as NIKE SB DUNK LOW, BALENCIAGA and so on.

In addition, I think another reason why YEEZY is so cheap now is that Yeezy has lasted for 9 years from 2015 to 2023. Any object has a process of climax and then decline, YEEZY this Brands are no exception. Coupled with the fact that the product itself has no creativity, it just keeps trying to attract the public by changing its color scheme, and people gradually lose its freshness. And, since fake Yeezy shoes are constantly improving counterfeiting technology, most people prefer to buy high-quality and cheap fake Yeezy shoes instead of spending thousands of dollars on genuine Yeezy shoes. Fake Yeezy shoes fill a void in the market. Therefore, people’s demand for YEEZY shoes is not so high. So now the genuine YEEZY will naturally become cheaper.

What do you think is the reason why YEEZY is becoming more cheaper now? Leave a message in the comment area.

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