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Yeezy Size Guide Compared to Nike

In the last post, we shared the standard YEEZY shoe size, you can click (The Most Standard Yeezy Sneaker Size Chart in History 2022) to view YEEZY size guide, this post, let’s talk about Yeezy size chart compared to nike.

This is Nike size chart screenshot:

The size chart from Nike offical website

And this is Yeezy size chart:

This Size Chart from Adidas offical site

Both size charts have CM(refers to foot-length) parameters, in other words, you only need to measure your foot length to find the corresponding YEEZY or NIKE size, or if you don’t want to measure your foot length, but you know your Nike shoes size, then according to your NIKE shoes size, go to the Nike size chart( to find the CM parameter, and then use this CM parameter to match the size chart of the Yeezy shoes you want to buy. This way you can find the Yeezy size that is just for you.

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